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Leave all your worries behind.

We provide all aspects of applications and procedures such as initial interview and selection, work permit application, security bond, insurance, travel arrangements, medical screening & basic training to ensure the transition is smooth and complies with the law.

Full Hiring Process of Maid

We provide a complete hiring process for New, Ex-Singapore & Transfer Maids. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can save time and money.

  • Definition of a New maid: A domestic helper who is coming to work in Singapore for the first time.

  • Definition of an Ex-Singapore maid: An experienced domestic helper who has worked before in Singapore and is currently back in her home country.

  • Definition of a Transfer maid: A domestic helper who will be transferring to work for a different employer with a written consent, also known as transfer paper or consent form, from her current employer to do so. This helper is also commonly referred to as Transfer helper.

Transfer Helper Seeking Employment

If you are a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) or helper who is looking for an employer to transfer to, you may approach us for help. We will arrange interviews for you and our prospective employers. However, you may need to obtain consent from your current employer (Consent to transfer) first.

Video/Phone Interview

We will arrange video/phone interviews so that employers can understand potential helpers better.


  • Work permit application: We will assist in the application for the work permit.

  • Endorsement of contract: We will endorse the helper’s employment contract to their own embassy.

  • Cancellation of work permit: We can help to cancel your current helper work permit.

  • Purchase air tickets: We can help to purchase air tickets if the employer's current helper intends to go back to their home country.

  • Home leave documentation: We can also help your helper to handle their home leave documentation if necessary.

  • Contract Renewal: If you are satisfied with your helper and decide to renew their contract, we can help you with all the paperwork

Settling-In-Programme (SIP)

We will organise the Settling-In-Programme (SIP), a mandatory 1-day orientation programme for first-time Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) to prepare and educate the helper on safety precautions and living in Singapore. Transportation for your maid can also be arranged.

Value-Added Services

  • Medical check-up: We will assist to arrange medical check-up for your new helper.

  • Repatriation / Pick up: We can help to send your current helper to the airport and pick up your appointed helper if necessary.

  • Holiday drop-off: If you and your family need to go overseas but the helpers are staying behind, you can drop your helpers to us and you can leave with peace of mind.

  • Counselling: Our consultants will be available to mediate any conflicts between employers and their helpers. We are confident in dealing with a variety of issues, from communication problems to helpers' personal difficulties.

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